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We are jurists specialized in Fashion Law, Intellectual Property and other areas of Corporate Law.

We understand the needs who come from the fashion industry, retail and the extile sector in general. We provide personalized legal counsel to big, medium-sized and small businesses. Our main interest is to help them grow, developing their trademarks, protecting their designs, drafting al types of contracts, taking responsibility for the normative management and assuming their defense at judicial, administrative and arbitration level.

Our experience in law practice as well as our wide expertise in law and fashion enables us to provide our clients with a service based on excellence both nationwide and internationally. We contribute with solutions for the legal difficulties associated with the fashion industry, the textile sector, retail, consumption agreements and we give counsel to our clients for capitalizing and protecting their investments in Intellectual Property.


We provide counsel to our clients in solving problems derived from:

  • Intellectual and Industrial Property (registration of trademarks, commercial mottos or slogans, industrial designs, patents, Administrative Oppositions, Cancellations, Copyrights and others).
  • Employment Contracting, Social Benefits, Remunerations and others.
  • Commercial Contracting (Franchises, Licenses, Assignment, Technological Transfer Agreements in general).
  • Corporate and Business Formation.
  • Contractual Negotiation.
  • Free Competition and Unfair Competition (Administrative proceedings against systematic and servile imitation, deception and / or misleading to consumers and others).
  • Banking Financing (Counsel for credit entitlement in business formation and constitution).
  • Litigation derived from protection of distinctive signs and >/ or liability for defective products within the scope of Consumer Law.
  • Real Estate or Real Property Law.
  • Tax Law.
  • Audits, Due Diligence, Compliance in reference to data protection and Chemical Consumables and Controleld Goods.

Among our main clients we have: